A dark invisible shadow

………….Did you hear that ? Wait again listen in silence complete silence I hope you heard it this time. What if I told you that you can see it but it acts like it doesn’t exist because it prefers it’s presence not to be known though sometimes it has no other option but to introduce itself but does this in a manner of which it doesn’t draw any attention to itself ? Look around you its everywhere but can’t be seen at all even in the light it can’t be seen a and in the darkness that’s when it thrives ando takes over everything always there but never there your own shadow that knows your deepest dark secrets but can never expose you because it lives an invisible life


The Black and White truth

You could never separate these two no matter how hard you tried because they depend on each other in an intimate level but the world seem to be focused more on the white and making the black to be inferior the truth is that despite what the world might think these two are an equal and nothing will ever change this truth but mere opinions


The good the bad the just

Well I guess this is just one of those stories that you probably have read somewhere on the Internet the story of boy meets girl blah blah blah I was going to write something which relates to that but my mind just figured out let’s cut the bullshit and get straight to the point. So here goes I don’t know if the universe is really trying hard and I’m too stupid to see the signs that I keep repeating the same thing or maybe just maybe the world that I supposedly live in is filled with narcissistic people all over what I’m trying to say is that you might find that you do things right and it still won’t be enough for people you do little and you are labeled not good enough I’ve come to realise this truth with everyone that I meet with be it friendship or relationship the results are always the same I don’t really know why and I don’t plan on wasting my time on the subject matter but I’m only here to ask why do we allow such behaviour from people and why is it they really don’t give a fuck about who they screw over just as long as they are happy nothing else matters to them but themselves and yet another amazing thing about these people is that they are the ones who actually win at this life thing despite how they treat others this is a mystery that no one will ever solve but as for me I distance myself from those kinds of people because they drain enough energy from you that you end up doing nothing with your life my advice?  I really don’t have any fortunately but what I’m going to say is that the more you engage with these kinds of people the more stuck you’ll be in life with everything because they take all from you